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Have you ever wondered how to get Free Fortnite Skin?

You no longer have to spend hours waiting for a giveaway or spending your valuable money. Free Fortnite Skins are within your reach, you can get them in a very easy way that will not take you more than a few minutes and you will be able to enjoy such skin as Brite Bomber, Black Knight or Ace.


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What is Fortnite Skin Generator?

Fortnite skin generator is a special tool that has been made from players to players. Everyone who has ever played fortnite and felt the atmosphere of the game quickly realized that skins are a permanent element of the game. Unfortunately, many players can’t afford to get skins due to lack of time or money.

Here appears our fortnite skin generator which gives you the opportunity to get free fortnite skins. Please note that our generator is completely free. Our goal is that everyone who can’t afford a skin, regardless of the reason, can enjoy playing at Fortnite.

Skins for our Fortntie Skin Generator were obtained naturally. These are mainly skins donated from players and friendly companies. The purpose of it all is very simple. Our service is aimed at charity.

When generating the skin, you must confirm that you are the person you are claiming to be. This is necessary because many people have tried to get more skins from us. We want the whole process to be fair. This also applies to bots that have massively tried to do the same. It was necessary to introduce human verification.

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How can I get a Free Fortnite Skin?

To enjoy the Free Fortnite Skin, all you have to do is follow these simple steps that are described in detail.
The whole process of generating free skins is intuitive and simple, even someone who is not very familiar with computer skills will easily complete the whole process.

The whole process of generating free fortnite skin takes a few minutes. In the first stage, it is necessary to choose the platform on which you play. In the second stage, enter your nickname, remember to enter it correct, because someone else can receive your skin. The third step is to do human verification. After completing all these steps within a few minutes our system should provide a free skin for the account of your choice.

It is important to follow all the steps correctly, pay special attention to what platform we play on, because if you choose the wrong option, the process will fail. If you have trouble making the steps, try to repeat everything on the phone, if the problem persists contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.


How does Fortnite Skin Generator Work?

Our Fortnite generator works by collecting bases with skins that are randomly awarded during the process. It sounds quite simple, however, it took us over a year to complete the system that works in this way, including gathering enough database to satisfy the desires of as many players as possible. Remember that our generator is created from players for players, it means that we do not charge any additional fees. All this so that you can enjoy even more of your favorite game Fortnite.

As it is described above, for the whole process to end positively it is necessary to enter the correct data. Due to the great interest in our generator, we had to limit the number of skins sent per player. This number is limited to one skin per week and our system regularly verifies whether nobody is trying to cheat. Our priority is players’ satisfaction, everything we do is geared towards people who want to enjoy the Fortnite experience at the highest level.

Our database of free fortnite skins is updated all the time so you may not worry if it is enough for you. Thousands of people have already received free Fortnite skins, and you can easily join them.


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What are the types of skins in Fortnite?

There are 5 types of outfits in Fortnite, like Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common. Until now, they could most often be obtained by buying for a virtual currency, received as a prize or through various promotions such as Twitch Prime Pack. 

You can get any skin that exists in the game from us. To make it fair we don’t give you a choice. The skin you receive is randomly generated. With a little luck, you can draw a legendary skin.
Statistics for skin granting:

Common 35%
Uncommon 25%
Rare 20%
Epic 15%
Legendary 5%

In our view, this is the most equitable distribution.

We officially present another method to get a skin, for the first time you can get a Fortnite skin for free. The tool that has been created from players for players guarantees random skin generation. With a few trials and little luck you can get your dream skin. Remember that the whole process is very simple and most importantly free. So don’t delay and use your fortnite skin generator now.


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Fortnite skin generator is the best solution if you want to add some unique skins to your account for free. Thanks to the huge base with skins, anyone who visits our site and uses our generator can get their dream skin. If you want to check the list of all available skins visit this page and you will certainly learn everything.

You do not have enough money? Parents don’t want to pay again for your favorite skins? Or maybe you just owe you money for virtual things? Our Fortnite Skin Generator is the perfect solution for someone like you. Use now and remember that you can generate any skin, even the most unique one.